Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stuff that Keeps You Alive, HUMP DAY Ed.

The Conversation w/ Amanda De Cadenet 
 2 Coco & Breezy, even better to follow them on Snapchat
 3 The Man Repeller on Anything but in particular Slow Fashion (she is too cool)
 4 Llorraine Neithardt's Venus Unplugged this is an especially nice balm for broken hearts.
 Tomboy KC
 6 White Collar marathons on Netflix
 7 "2 Days, 1 Night" & "Running Man" on Dramafever 
 8 Raquel Dakota on IG, raqueldakota she is a bright ray of CA sunshine + chefdiva + surfer + major babe + vegan rockstar 
 9 TOP on IG, choi_seung_hyun_tttop for artsy stuff that doesn't make sense but is still amusing and if you're an artist, the only stuff that makes sense (i.e. chairs, lots of chairs)
 10 Zella Day, you will fall in love with her instantly.
 11 We Broke Up on YouTube
12 Great ideas like Subway Symphony

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Disrupting can be a great strategy to integrate new ideas into an old environment. When we undergo a shift in thinking we tend to introduce them to our old relationships, often sparking some fear, relief, dread, anger, elation, and excitement. You'll notice the wide range of reactions the "new you" can instigate. It can be tricky. The practice to cultivate is open-mindedness, paying close attention to all the feelings that come up, the willingness to reflect (think twice), and just experience the moment. You don't suddenly forget the past but you're willing to see a different future and work the hinge of the present to swing open new doors.

Fringe of Your Own Knowing

Before we understand the science of something we see it as a stroke of luck, before that, a mystery, and perhaps fate, the possibility of karma, a god, the universe. There's no shame in that as long as we are moving towards clarity, complexity, and understanding. Seeing "God" means you are on the fringe of your own knowing. You're ready to discover something new.